Autumn, and Retouches

As part of my gear test over the last few months I shot with Autumn at her place in Lincoln. She, co-incidentally shot me as well as part of her gear test of a new SB-900. We went through off camera flash techniques, modifiers and a few other things together. 

Sadly I was the only model available, but I’m really happy with the shot I got back from her, so much so that it’s been on my Facebook profile picture ever since!

I also shot Autumn for an hour - I really wanted a new headshot for my portfolio that was a little darker than my usual stuff. I seem to be in a phase of over exposing, especially with my processing. It’s fairly intentional, and something that I quite like doing. But variety is the spice of life as they say.

I retouch a lot of my own work, but occasionally I send photos out. It’s good for me as it helps me see what others are doing, and also frees me up for other things. For the shots with Autumn, I roped in the more than capable Catherine Day to retouch 2 headshots. Anyone not already familiar with her work, please do check out her website. It’s inspirational photography and really high quality retouching! 

Catherine’s an insomniac by all accounts, and sent me these through at 1.50 this morning!



What I really like with a good retouch is how natural skin can be made to look, and how that works with the overall image. Autumn has great skin to begin with, which always helps, so hopefully Catherine’s job was made that bit easier.

Nothing’s been overworked or overcooked, it’s just a really good retouch - it’s one that I’m really pleased with.

Nothing fancy on my part either, I wanted simple and this was 1 head setup with a silver brolly. 

If anyone wants to hire Catherine for retouching work, I believe she’s currently doing a timed sales promo. Stop by her website or email her for more info; 

Thanks to Catherine and Autumn for giving me such great shots :) 


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